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Trust Clean Group’s affordable COVID deep cleaning services with certification to get your business back up and running quickly and efficiently.

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Our COVID 19 cleaning and disinfection services help businesses and other medium risk environments all over Sydney NSW to fully decontaminate after exposure to coronavirus. Contact us today about the cost of our services or more information.

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Our COVID Cleaning Services

Eliminate COVID with Our Professional COVID DEEP Cleaning Services

Even if all your employees wear a face mask and practice social distancing, viruses such as COVID 19 require an extraordinarily high degree of commercial cleaning expertise by a reputable cleaning company using the right cleaning equipment to eliminate COVID 19 completely. Don’t risk substandard cleaning services inexperienced with COVID 19 cleaning protocols and Safe Work Australia standards.

Why Choose Clean & Disinfect Group?

Of all the cleaning companies in the entire Greater Sydney region, our COVID 19 cleaning services are second-to-none. Commercial cleaning methods such as disinfectant fogging are not effective against COVID 19, which is why we also use our proprietary ELECTROSTATIC VIRUS SHIELD application technology, which is effective in killing up to 99% of germs, including coronavirus.

  • Our disinfection services comply with health and safety guidelines.
  • We use hospital-grade disinfectant products effective against COVID 19.
  • Our highly-trained full-time cleaners are all experts in their field.
  • We help keep your premises safe by ensuring complete sanitization.
  • Our clients include many of Sydney’s most quality-focused companies.
  • We can conduct a free on-site assessment of your needs and a free quote.
  • Our excellent service is backed by an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sydney’s Best COVID Cleaning & Disinfecting Services.

Cleaning & Disinfect Group’s team of experienced, highly-trained cleaners are experts at deep cleaning every type of commercial location in Sydney – including office buildings, gyms, medical centres, schools, cafes, childcare centres, strata buildings, and construction sites. We are the go-to cleaning company for our clients, including many of Australia’s most prominent organisations. Our COVID 19 cleaning expertise means our clients can contact us anytime confident that they will be COVID-free in no time.

Emergency and Precautionary COVID Disinfection Clean

Whether you’re in need of immediate support due to a confirmed case of COVID at your location, or you just want to perform a precautionary cleaning for health and safety reasons, our professional cleaners are trained in infection control measures for either scenario.

Why is COVID 19 Cleaning Important?

Whether you call it coronavirus, COVID 19, Delta variant, or just The Pandemic, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has already cost so many lives and impacted the health of countless others in almost every corner of the planet since it emerged in 2019. Many of us are living with lockdowns and other restrictions and understand the importance of daily protective measures such as face masks, hand-washing and social distancing. At the same time, we know that this virus and its variants will continue to wreak havoc in cities and towns all over the country for some time. This is why COVID 19 cleaning is becoming an increasingly required service worldwide.

Electrostatic Virus Shield Disinfection

How It Works

Our Electrostatic Virus Shield is formed using a combination of the latest electrostatic sprayer application technology and hospital-grade TGA-approved chemical to kill COVID 19 wherever it tries to hide at your business or office. The sprayer transmits electrically charged sanitiser particles which have the ability to cover all surfaces potentially harbouring traces of the COVID virus, even hard-to-reach areas such as under armrests, carpet fibres, behind door handles, and any other nook and cranny hiding germs that can compromise the health of your company employees and customers.

Two-Stage COVID Cleaning Service

First, we perform the same services as we would for a standard office cleaning to remove any dust, dirt and debris. Then we do a thorough decontamination cleaning to support the health and safety of your workers, customers and any other person who visits your offices or premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your premises have been cleaned and disinfected by our expert COVID cleaning specialists, we issue you with certification confirming that your workplace has been cleaned in accordance with Safe Work Australia (SWA) guidelines using TGA-approved hospital-grade disinfectants and chemicals.

The costs involved for professional COVID deep cleaning services vary enormously depending on how big the site is, the volume of chemicals required, ease of access, and so on. This is why we provide a free quote beforehand so you know what the charges will be upfront.

COVID cleaning specialists are full-time professionals trained in the methods of complete decontamination and disinfection of a commercial worksite or other premises such as a home, medical facility or school. They are trained in using specialist equipment such as electrostatic sprayers and they know what PPE and other equipment are required for COVID deep cleaning.

Depending on the circumstances you may not be necessary to close your entire workplace in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID visiting your building. If the person only visited certain parts of your workplace or if health department officials have advised you that the risk of transmission to others is low, you may decide to keep parts of your operations running. Other factors such as the size of your workplace and the number of people onsite, along with the type of work being conducted, are also considerations that can influence your decision.

Research suggests that COVID and other types of coronavirus can survive on surfaces for as little as a few hours to as many as several days, depending on the type of surface material and the environmental conditions (including temperature and humidity).

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